Top 10 Tips to Sell Watches in Mount Vernon, NY

The following ten tips will help you to sell your watch for top dollar. There are many reasons people have for selling their watch, but whatever the reason, it is always important to get as much money for it as possible.

• Know Your Watch – Learn as much as you can about your watch before selling it. It will help you to understand more about what the buyer is telling you, and help you to make a more informed decision.
• Don’t be Pressured – Many watch buyers try to pressure people into selling their watch, and often at prices significantly lower than the watch is worth. If you’re ever feeling pressured, just walk away and find a more ethical buyer.
• Avoid Cheap Buyers – Companies that buy watches often try to pay the lowest amount possible for them. These companies often don’t really know how to value watches, so they have to buy cheap in order to reduce the risk they are taking on with each watch.
• Seek Out Experts – Working with a watch expert will help ensure the buyer knows how much your watch is worth, so they will be willing to pay more for it. They will also be able to answer your questions when you have them.
• Skip Private Sales – Selling to another individual might seem like a good idea, but it almost never is. These individuals are just looking to get a great watch for a really cheap price. In addition, private sales expose you to risk when you meet up with the buyer.
• Experience Counts – Watch buyers who have been in the business for years will know how to answer your questions and work out the best deal for everyone involved.
• Never Pay for Appraisals or Estimates – If you’re being asked to pay for a watch appraisal or an estimate on its worth, you’re in the wrong place. Seek out a company that will do these things for free, and with no obligation to sell the watch.
• The Right Equipment – Watch buyers should have the equipment necessary to properly inspect and evaluate all the watches they buy. If they can’t confirm, for example, that a watch is genuine, then they are taking a risk. When they are taking a risk, they will have to lower the price they pay to help protect their investment.
• Work with People You Trust – While this is somewhat subjective, it is often possible to get a ‘feeling’ for a person or a business. We’ve found that in this industry (like so many others) it is good to follow these types of feelings. If you’re getting a bad feeling about who you’re selling your watch to, just find someone else.
• Don’t be Afraid to Say No – Just like when selling anything else, being able to say no and walk away is very important. If you aren’t sure you want to sell your watch, just keep it. You can always come back and sell it later. It is best to only sell when you’re ready, so that you don’t regret it in the future.