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It seems like there is a pawn shop or jewelry store that is willing to buy your gold or other valuable items on every corner these days. This is because of the fact that precious metals have gone up in value so much over the past several years, so many companies wanted to get in on making money from this spike. This can make it difficult for most people to know where they should go when they are looking to get some money from selling one or more of their items. Are all these shops the same? Do some of them pay more? These are common questions that people ask about shops in this industry.
The fact is, most of the businesses don’t really know the business of buying and selling watches, precious metals, antiques or jewelry. They can make money by simply buying these items at low prices, and then turning around and selling them to companies that melt the metals down for other uses. Here at, however, we have been helping people with this type of thing for many years, and we know how to determine the actual value of things, well beyond just what type of metals they are made with.



We have experts on staff in our shop who can accurately appraise just about anything you bring in the shop. If, for example, you have a luxury watch that you want to sell, we can look at the brand, model year, condition, and even the market demand for similar watches. In many cases, this makes the watch worth far more than just the combined value of the precious metals and any gemstones within the watch. We are even able to factor in things like the historical value of some items. If an antique is very old, it may be much more valuable. If a watch was worn by someone famous, we can help get that confirmed, which will raise the price we can pay.
The bottom line is, we aren’t looking to just make a quick buck by buying and selling items from our customers. We want to build a relationship with each of them, and that starts by taking the time, and having the expertise, to determine the true value of things that come into our shop. Once we know how much it is worth, we can make you a fair offer that we believe you will be pleasantly surprised about.



While we are certainly looking to make money when doing business, and we’re not ashamed of that, we also want to be able to help our customers. We know that if we put our customers first, they will come back to us again when they want to sell something else, and possibly even recommend our shop to their friends and family. Over the years, we have found that this way of doing business not only helps our customers, but ends up allowing us to make more money as well.
If you have any questions about how to sell your watch, gold, silver, jewelry or antiques, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We can be reached at 646-736-7668, and we are more than happy to help in any way we can.

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